Hudson Carbon Founder, Abby Rockefeller

The Northeast Carbon Alliance (NECA) was launched in May 2019 by Scenic Hudson, Hudson Carbon, and other partners to advance the rapid implementation of greenhouse gas sequestration through regenerative land management. It consists of a dynamic group of farmers, land managers, scientists, policy professionals, as well as other stakeholders working together to accelerate the implementation of greenhouse gas sequestration practices and to gather and share scientific data that will demonstrate their effectiveness from mountaintop to ocean floor, across ecological systems, in the Hudson Valley and beyond.

Originally called the Hudson Carbon Consortium, the name was changed to better reflect the group’s expanding regional reach. Today, it unites more than 40 partner organizations spanning Northeastern states.

Members include leading research farms; experts in forestry, ecology, and marine science; and others. Through the Alliance, organizations are sharing and reporting on regenerative practices, monitoring methodologies, and progress in public policy. Working groups have been assembled to advance specific agendas.

northeast carbon alliance team

Ned Sullivan

President, Scenic Hudson
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Pete Lopez

Executive Director of Policy, Advocacy and Science
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Andy Bicking

Director of Government Relations and Public Policy, Scenic Hudson
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Annie Christian

NECA Project Manager
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